Preparing for Christmas Celebrations while on a Low Protein Diet

Preparing for Christmas Celebrations while on a Low Protein Diet

Any celebrations are difficult while you or one of your family must adhere to a low protein diet. This is particularly hard during Christmas time but we are here to help.  This time always involves a lot of food anywhere you go be it a Christmas market, a pantomime or a Christmas party.  There are a few ways we can prepare for this lovely time of the year and make it stress free while following the diet so that the whole family can enjoy this special time together. We’ve categorised the foods into sections below to make it easier to navigate.

  1. Chocolates – There are a variety of low protein chocolate options available both in supermarkets and to purchase online at Usually gluten free advent calendars and chocolates will have much lower protein compared to non gluten free options. We at Promin are offering Chocolate Santas and Mini Christmas Shape chocolates as well as a variety of other suitable chocolates.

2. Christmas specials – There are a few gluten free options of mince pies available in supermarkets. Those would most likely require counting in your daily protein intake. Alternatively, specially baked low protein mince pies are available during Christmas time at which are completely free from exchanges.

3. Biscuits – Biscuits available in supermarkets are likely going to be too high in protein. There are a number of biscuits and cookies available on prescription. During Christmas time, you can purchase special Christmas tins of shortbread biscuits and a giant cookie with a Christmas topper from

4. Sweets Some sweets like Jelly Beans, Vegan Marshmallows, gelatine free sweets will be classed as free. These can be found in most shops and supermarkets.

5. Hot Chocolate – One cannot image Christmas without hot chocolate and marshmallows.  Thanks to metaX SchokoMaxx available at you can treat yourself to a lovely hot chocolate drink and top it with vegan marshmallows.

6. Christmas dinner is the peak of the celebrations when the whole family gets together. We recommend to make pigs in blankets from low protein sausages with vegan bacon (making sure to count these in your daily protein intake), roast potatoes (exchanges allowing), vegetables (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, etc), peas (counting the exchanges) and low protein stuffing available from served with suitable gravy. If preferred, you can make low protein Yorkshire puddings to accompany the meal. With limited exchanges, sweet potato or indeed eddoes can be used to substitute potatoes and free vegetables such as green beans can be served with your meal. A low protein Christmas pudding can be made within 5 minutes in the microwave using Promin Christmas Pudding Recipe. Alternatively, a chocolate log can be done from low protein chocolate cake mix. For more suitable products available in supermarkets, please see the images below.

We would recommend making a low Christmas meal for small children fun. One of such examples is provided in the picture making a special meal exciting and interesting for children to remember at this special time!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

 Top Tips 

  • Plan in advance – get suitable advent calendar, sweets, chocolates and other necessary products to make your Christmas special
  • Check out the suitable options in your supermarkets free from aisle and stock on Christmas treats well in advance to avoid disappointment
  • Shop in advance! Don’t wait until a few days before Christmas as free from supermarket options may have sold out by then
  • Discuss Christmas treats with your relatives and friends so they know which products are suitable
  • Use links to websites so your relatives can purchase the correct products
  • For further information on suitable products please visit NSPKU web-site at
  • Check out Christmas Treats section of the Promin Website at


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