Celebrating Halloween while on a Low Protein Diet

Celebrating Halloween while on a Low Protein Diet

Halloween is fast approaching! Do not panic as we have prepared some tips how to make it enjoyable on a low protein diet.

  1. Sweets – There is a good variety of suitable sweets available in supermarkets and here are a few examples.

2. Halloween meals and snacks – Here are a few sweet and savoury Halloween party ideas using some low protein products like rice, pasta, burger and sausage mix, all purpose baking mix, cake mixes and many more. For more recipes please visit our recipe page at Recipes – Promin (prominpku.com).

Top Tips 

  • Plan in advance – get suitable sweets
  • Please always check the protein content of each pack you buy as ingredients and manufacturing methods of shop bought products may change
  • Check out the suitable options in your supermarket free from aisle
  • Shop in advance! Don’t wait until a few days before Halloween as free from and suitable supermarket options may have sold out
  • Share the information on suitable products with the family
  • Cook suitable low protein spooky treats
  • Treats should not be eaten until the child is home after Trick or Treat so that you can inspect everything first before consumption for any high protein sweets
  • Check out Halloween Treats section of the Promin website at https://prominpku.com/product-category/halloween-treats/

Have a spookalicious Halloween!


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