Metax XPhe Jump 20

XPhe Jump
Firstplay Dietary Foods are proud to announce the launch of a new range of protein substitutes.

  • Food for special medical purposes
  • For use in the dietary management of Phenylketonuria (PKU) and Hyperphenylalaninemia (HPA)
  • Suitable for children from 3 years of age, adolescents and adults
  • One of the leading protein substitutes in Germany
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Product Description

Product Features

  • Phenylalanine-free protein substitute containing highly purified L-amino acids
  • Supplemented with vitamins, minerals and trace elements in accordance with the Reference
    values for Nutrient Intake from Germany, Austria and Switzerland (D-A-CH 2000)
  • Liquid, ready-to-drink protein substitute in reclosable pouches – no weighing, no mixing,
    no preparation in a shaker required
  • Especially convenient outside the home
  • Low volume, low calorie
  • Attractive, fancy pack design, similar to popular, trendy drinks

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General Hints

  • XPhe Jump20 contains only a small amount of carbohydrate, therefore it should be taken
    along with 
    other food, for an optimal utilization of the amino acids contained
  • XPhe Jump20 is best served chilled – shake pouch well before use
  • After drinking XPhe Jump20 a glass of water or other permitted drink should be taken

Available Flavours

  • Cola (without caffeine)
  • Wild Berries
  • Orange
  • Neutral (unflavoured), without DHA
  • Tropical
  • Vanilla

 *Cola, Wild Berries & Orange are supplemented with the ?-3 LCPUFA Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)

Unit Size

XPhe Jump20 in pouches with 125 ml, containing 20 g protein

Sample Packs

Sample packs are available through your dietitian. For any further queries, please contact Katya Sheridan, Promin Consultant on

1 review for Metax XPhe Jump 20

  1. Mark

    Smooth NO LUMPS! 5 Star Review
    This for me Is the BEST formula drink I’ve had.
    The other one I was on was often very lumpy, this one didn’t have that at all. The taste makes it easier to take. I actually look forward to having my formula drink now.

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