Adult patient experience of taking metaX XPhe minis and XPhe jump

Adult patient experience of taking                  metaX XPhe minis and XPhe jump

Adult patient experience of taking metaX XPhe minis and XPhe jump

A while ago I sampled metaX XPhe minis tablets. To begin with I was a little sceptical about them, taking so many tablets at once, but how wrong was I.

I’m proud to say that they are now part of my prescription.  They are easy to take, very convenient, and there’s no aftertaste. XPhe minis come in packs of 24 tablets and 1 pouch of XPhe jump 20 is the equivalent to 2 packs of tablets (48 tablets. It sounds a lot, but when you actually have them, they aren’t as bad as they sound.

Whereas with most tablets it’s best to take them with water, with these you can take them with your favourite drink, mine being the famous Irn bru 1901 (no aspartame). Whereas with the pouch drinks being a little heavier on your stomach these actually make having your protein substitute a lot easier. You actually don’t mind taking them whereas with the pouches you’re trying to find an excuse to forget them.

The tablets are enriched with Vitamins, Minerals and Trace Elements whereas a lot are not vitamin complete. These ones are coated so there’s no bad taste so all you can taste is the drink you’re having them with.

They have made my life a lot easier! Taking them in work is great, I don’t have to carry a bottle of mouthwash with me after the pouches.

Saying that I still have XPhe jump 20 Wild Berry flavour. This is only so I don’t get too bored of the same medication all the time and mixes the variety up a little.

 XPhe minis have been a fantastic addition to the Xphe range and available at Firstplay Dietary Foods here in the UK.

I’m a member of the XPhe Rewards Club which is open to anyone taking XPhe protein substitutes. I receive hampers with low protein foods and goodies a few times a year. What a bonus!

I hope you can find the right protein substitute for you. I’ve found mine and happy to share this with you all.

Mark Edwards, adult with PKU