Promin Low Protein Fresh Sliced Bread (UK customers only)


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Product Description

Important Information
This type of bread is available for customers in the UK ONLY. As this is a fresh product, the bread will be baked on a Tuesday or Wednesday for delivery on Thursday, the same week. If you place the bread order on a Friday, the bread will be baked the following Tuesday or Wednesday, for delivery that week. Please put the delivery address of someone who will be available to sign for the order. We can deliver to business and home addresses.

1 x 800g loaf

Water, Wheat Starch (Gluten), Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Yeast, Citrus Fibre, Salt, Stabiliser (E461), Bicarbonate of Soda (Wheat), Guar Gum (E412). For allergens, see ingredients in bold.

Store in a cool dry place and use within 3-4 days. Once opened, store in an airtight container and use within 2-3 days. Suitable for home freezing up to 3 months.

Nutritional Information


Per 100g of product as fed

Per 48g slice


kJ 1083 520
  Kcal 257



g 4.3 2.1
of which saturates g 0.3



g 51.8 24.9
of which sugars g 1.4



g 1.7 0.8
Protein g 0.3



g 0.6 0.3
Sodium g 0.2



Further Nutritional Information

Mg per 100g of product as fed

Mg per 48g slice


16 7
Tyrosine 9



5 2
Leucine 25


Additional information

Weight 800 g

8 reviews for Promin Low Protein Fresh Sliced Bread (UK customers only)

  1. Jennifer

    I could not live without it now 5 Star Review
    Now that I know this product is available I could not live with out it. It costs a lot to get it to Ireland – I buy 3 at a time and I need to reach a minimum order to get shipping free which works out at 50 euro a time. Its alot for me but I feel it is worth it. Its tastes great, freezes well and toasts superbly. I love it so much.

  2. Anon

    The best tasting bread 5 Star Review
    I love this bread. Tastes so much better than the prepacked bread. Tastes lovely out of the freezer after having been toasted. Could not do without.

  3. Kerry

    Finally! 5 Star Review
    I am 38 and have PKU so I have tried many different types of bread over the years! I can’t believe how much this is like the real thing! I have never ate fresh low protein bread. This product is amazing and so tasty. Thankfully my son who also has PKU doesn’t have to go try the many poor attempts at bread that I have (but I do appreciate all the efforts, it took a while to get it right!)
    Extremely happy with this bread, I will order again but hope it is on prescription soon as I couldn’t afford to buy it all the time!! Thank you ?

  4. Nicola

    Promin LP Freshly Sliced Bread 5 Star Review
    It was very tasty and was a lovely treat!!

  5. Alan

    Oh the excitement 5 Star Review
    I should have recorded my son opening his parcel the excitement of him seeing regular sized bread, he kept asking if this was his new bread from England. The taste is awesome (his words), texture just amazing. We froze the two loaves the day we got an they defrost just perfectly. Again market leaders. Other low pro companies could defo learn a thing or two from Promin.

  6. Jennifer

    The best Bread around! 5 Star Review
    This bread is delicious, its like having real batch bread. Love the softness, the taste, the texture. Buy it on a regular basis when I have the money. Love it.

  7. Gavin

    The Greatest Thing since sliced….. 4 Star Review
    I live in Ireland so ordered a batch of 3. I was pleasantly surprised that there was a lot in one loaf. I only had freezer space for one other and the third went off. So Bear that in mind if you are ordering, They are fresh. Delivery time was good and as promised. Otherwise Great for toast or sandwiches and great taste and texture.

  8. Hayley

    Delicious Soft Bread – A Revelation 5 Star Review
    This bread is amazing, it tastes nicer than non PKU shop bought bread. Beautiful texture too.
    My daughter is very happy and so am I 😉

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