Metax Low Protein Chocolate Bar


Metax Low Protein Chocolate Bar

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Metax L P Schoxxi Chocolate Bar

Low-protein, cocoa-containing product in the form of a chocolate bar. 1 x 100g (similar) Ingredients:

raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, reissiruppulver (17%), cocoa mass. Cocoa: 48% at least. May contain traces of soya, milk and peel fruits.

Nutritional values   100 g
Calorific value KJ 2447
  Kcal 590
fat G 42
hereof: saturated fatty acids  G 26
carbohydrates G 51
of which sugars 35
protein G 2.2
salt  0.04
Other nutritional values
potassium Mg 190
phosphorus Mg 75
amino acids
L-isoleucine Mg 56
L-leucine Mg 96
L-lysine Mg 72
L-methionine Mg 36
L-phenylalanine Mg 77
L-tryptophan Mg Nb
L-tyrosine Mg 35
L-valine Mg Nb
 Nb = not analyzed


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