Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update 

Updated – 18/03/2020 | 24/03/2020 Update at the bottom of the page

Dear customers, stockists, partners, dietitians, parents and the wider low protein community.

In these unparalleled and uncertain times of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) we fully appreciate the worries & concerns of the low protein community and therefore we’d like to update you on the situation in regards how were preparing at Firstplay Dietary Foods to continue to deliver the products from the Promin, Taranis & Metax ranges.  Although this is an ever fluid situation we are at present running as normal, monitoring the situation daily, and taking professional advice.   We have carefully structured contingency plans in place for the coming weeks, should they be needed.

Wholesale Orders (Outside of the UK) – Most of our outstanding wholesale orders will be completed and shipped within the next week.  If you have any specific questions regarding orders or stock, please contact your local stockist. 


UK Home Delivery – We’re working closely with our home delivery partners at Dial-a-Chemist who have put into place a full scale contingency plan for their business as a whole and we have worked with them on plans for the continuity of the delivery of low protein food & protein substitutes.  Dial-a-Chemists stock of Promin, Taranis & Metax products are currently at good levels and they are preparing to further increase those stock levels.  Should you wish to check on the delivery of an order please contact Dial-a-Chemist directly. 

UK Chemist Orders – We’re increasing the stock levels available for the UK market.  We have increased the capacity of not only the production and packing departments but also the distribution side of our business to ensure the increased stock levels are delivered in the most efficient manner possible.  We are currently shipping orders within 2 business days.  Please note that if your chemist (usually high street pharmacies) orders via a wholesaler this often increases the time between you placing the order and receiving the order drastically.)  If you would like to contact us regarding your chemists order, please feel free to contact us via our social media platforms or call us on 0161-4804602. 

Fresh Baked Items – As above we are carrying on as normal with our fresh baked range.  We have several people within the business trained in the area of baking to allow us cover should we need it.  As above if you need to check the delivery date of your fresh baked order please feel free to contact us via our social media platforms or call us on 0161-4804602.  For fresh baked orders via Dial-a-Chemist please contact them directly.

Samples – We are currently sending samples out as normal via our usual channels, however this may change as the situation develops and Firstplay staff are re-arranged to keep the prescription side of the business running as smoothly as possible.

Best Wishes, 

Tom Fletcher – Company Director


Update 24th March 2020

After the government statement of the 23rd March 2020 we’d like to update our customers, stockists, partners, dietitians, parents and the wider low protein community of where we currently stand. 

Current classifications describe the team here at Firstplay as ‘key workers’ so we continue to work hard to provide the low protein community with low protein foods, low protein fresh breads & protein substitutes as well as maintaining our excellent customer service.  We have recruited a new member of staff to help us increase stock levels and to allow the business to maintain our usual service levels to customers, wholesalers & chemists.  As far as we understand we will be operational throughout the coming weeks & months.  However where possible staff will be working remotely. 

Unfortunately however we’re not able to send out samples at this time.  We’re sure everyone will understand but we have to prioritise our current outstanding export orders and stocks available for both chemists in the UK & our home delivery partners at Dial-a-Chemist.  

We fully appreciate obtaining low protein food products is difficult at the best of times so if anyone has any concerns with obtaining the products of Promin, Taranis or Metax please get in touch with us.  


Tom Fletcher

Company Director