Brexit & Surrounding Issues 

As a company we feel the time has come to provide an update on our position with Brexit to reassure patients & dietitians.  This is obviously a difficult task as there is much uncertainty surrounding many Brexit issues, however we have worked hard to gather as much information as possible and put in place measures to ensure our products and services can remain at the highest possible quality.  Please see the information we have as of 16th January 2019.

UK Customers

Promin – We’re in the fortunate position that our own branded products under the Promin brand are made right here in the UK.  All our suppliers are UK based companies, however some of our raw materials are brought in from the European Union by our suppliers.  We have been in regular contact with these suppliers who have assured us that they’re anticipating no drastic issues, but are however increasing stock levels. We will also be increasing stock levels in anticipation of increased lead times on our main ingredients.  In the unlikely event that there are stock issues with suppliers, we have several other suppliers for each particular ingredient to be able to order from.  

Metax – We are the UK exclusive stockist of several Metax products (Metax Xphe Jump Protein Substitutes & Metax Yogumaxx) which are manufactured in Germany.  We will be stocking up with several months-worth of these products to assure we have stock to last us over the initial few months after Britain potentially leaves the EU on the 29th March 2019.  These products are mainly shipped to the UK direct from Germany via air freight which should speed up transit times and avoid potential problems at ports.  

Taranis –  We are also the UK exclusive stockist of the Taranis range of low protein food products which are manufactured in France.  These products have a long shelf lifer so we will be increasing our stock levels for these products to assure we have stock to last us over the initial few months after Britain potentially leaves the EU on the 29th March.   These products are brought into the UK via road freight, however could be brought into the UK via air freight if necessary.  

Irish Customers

We work very closely with our distributors in the Republic of Ireland Biofact, who will be increasing their stock levels to give them several months-worth of stock.  Although the majority of our shipments arrive in the Republic of Ireland via air freight some shipments arrive via ferry and truck.  Due to our location in the north west of England our shipments leave via either Liverpool  or North Wales which will avoid any complications with ports in the South of England.

Our fresh bread will continue to be sent into the Republic of Ireland via air freight and we’ve been reassured by UPS that the don’t anticipate any problems with that particular service, only potentially with the customs declarations and paperwork etc. and can operate under WTO rules under the circumstance of a no deal Brexit.  UPS are the biggest brokerage company in the world and can guide us through the customs process.  Should problems arise with deliveries we have the potential to find a bakery in the Republic of Ireland to bake our bread to eradicate any complications with deliveries from the UK.

European Customers





 We have strong links with all our distributors in Europe, and as above we have the ability to ship our orders via air freight which  will avoid any problems with ports.  If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the distributor of Promin products in your country. 


We hope this has gone some way to reassuring our customers & their dietitians we are doing and will continue to do everything possible to keep everything as smooth as possible throughout the process of Britain leaving the European Union. 


Best Wishes,  

Tom Fletcher – Company Director